Contract Staff in Ireland

People Solutions Ltd can provide contract staff to cover when:

  • You are experiencing increased demand and need more staff,but you are not yet sure if taking on full time staff is the way to go.
  • You decided that you do not want to be involved in the time and hassle it takes to recruit, manage payroll, manage employment contracts and generally comply with all the labour law requirements
  • You want a reliable company and a specific person within that company that will consistently sort out your staffing needs and let you get on with your business.
  • You need seasonal fluctuations and temporary staff covered for your business.

How the System Operates:

  • We select the most suitable person to fill the clients vacancy.
  • The person may already be a current employee of People Solutions or will become one.
  • We employ the person under our payroll.
  • We are responsible for all legal requirements such as the payment of income taxes, PRSI, holiday pay and contracts.
  • Our client receives an invoice every two weeks at the agreed hourly rate.

How Our Clients Benefit:

  • This service provides a cost efficient way of filling short-term vacancies.
  • The client has no long-term commitment to the staff member.
  • People Solutions does the recruitment work that can be very expensive for short-term vacancies.
  • We do all the payroll, legal compliance work and you get one simple invoice to keep you covered.
  • Your labour costs are fully tax deductible with one simple invoice paid by direct debit, it couldn’t be easier!

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